Prompt Ltd.Prompt, Hungary, Gödöllő is a Hungarian IT company established in 1989 by highly qualified IT experts with an academic background.

The company has two main divisions, one of them is the software-hardware development and IT system integration, the other is curriculum development and delivery of IT training and eLearning solutions.

The company worked for Intel Corporation, as a vendor of digital learning content for Intel®Teach Elements international platform, the localized Hungarian version of the course “Project-Based Approaches” were delivered by our developer team.

Related to its professional work Prompt has wide partnership at both national and international level, collaborating with several research and educational institutes in R&D projects. It was the coordinator of the European LLL project: “TENEGEN – Connect the teachers to teach and reach the Net-Generation” (2008-2010) selected among the “Best practices” by the European Commission in the category of “Skills and competencies of VET teachers, trainers, and tutors” in 2012.

Prompt Ltd. initiated in 2008 the foundation the IT cluster of “Innolearn – the Cluster of Knowledge Network” in order to facilitate and intensive knowledge sharing between the academic sphere and the IT industry, to help small and medium enterprises, working in the adult education in adapting the newest IT tools and solutions in their business.