First dissemination event

We have successfully organized the first dissemination event of the Be Smart Seniors project in Budapest, where, despite the summer heat, nearly 30 participants were interested in the results and goals of the project. Our guests were representatives of adult educators, secondary and higher education institutions interested in the project, as well as representatives of institutions and NGOs involved in elderly care. The participants helped our work with useful advice and comments, for which we would like to express our thanks afterward. At our next event, the presentation and testing of the finished training materials will be the main theme, and we hope many will be curious again.

first dissemination event

How to teach your grandma video

The team of the University of Turku prepared the English version of the “How to teach your grandma” video guide. The purpose of this guide is to summarize in an easy-going cartoon for young people who help their elderly relatives the important information they need to keep in mind when educating an elderly adult. The video guide will also have a printed version and will be translated into the languages ​​of all participating countries.

Tips For Teaching Technology To Seniors

Coordination meeting in Vaduz

The second project meeting of the Be Smart Seniors project was successfully held in Vaduz, on the 5th and 6th of June.

The purpose of the consultation was to finalize the topics and pedagogical and visual elements of the training videos. We evaluated the results of the needs analysis and we also reviewed the next steps of the project and clarified the framework of the video testing.