Online platform completed

Another milestone has been reached in the implementation of the Be Smart Seniors project: the online platform has been completed, which allows easy access to teaching materials and other project-related services with a user-friendly interface for the target group of the project.

In connection with this, we will start testing the site by involving the target group in all participating countries.


Positive Impact Day

The Be Smart Seniors Project’s Positive Impact Day event was held on July 15, 2020 in Budapest with the participation of more than 100 participants. The event was attended mainly by social care professionals.

According to our original plans, this event would have been held at the end of the project, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, we considered it appropriate to hold the event in the summer for the safety of the participants.

At the event Dr Gábor Simon, representing Corvus Kft., presented the objectives of the project, the achieved results, and the experiences of the curriculum development.

Social care expert Dr Lilla Somodi spoke to the audience about the importance of active aging and of the supportive work of social workers.

The event ended with a roundtable discussion in which participants asked further questions about the results of the project and the possibilities of applying them in daycare service.

Gábor Simon

Milestone: 100 video!

The 100th video has been uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Be Smart Seniors project!

One of the aims of the project was to produce educational videos tailored to the needs and learning habits of older adults, which can help them expand their knowledge on topics that can help to solve everyday life matters with the help of online services.

These tutorial videos are produced in several languages ​​on topics that are partly international and partly local. Of these, the one hundredth has been uploaded today.

Of course, with this round number, we haven’t finished producing the videos yet, as we undertook to make more than 140 pieces, but we considered it important to share this undeniable success with those who follow the progress of the project.



The number of video views on the YouTube channel of the Be Smart Seniors project is already over 10,000! We managed to achieve this result in two months! We hoped that our teaching videos will be liked by many, but we did not expect such a spectacular success. Thanks to everyone who watched the completed videos and we hope we can have such celebrations in the future.


YouTube channel launched

The YouTube channel of the Be Smart Seniors project is launched to present the teaching videos created within the frame of the project. This channel is separate from the platform we are developing in the frame project which will take the ergonomic needs of the elderly into account. The purpose of the YouTube channel is to make the results of the project available to a wider audience through the popular video sharing site.


Feedbacks on the teaching videos – closed

The collection of feedbacks on the teaching videos is closed. Based on the feedback, we will modify some of the completed videos and use the experience gained in the production of future videos. Thank you to all the respondents for their contribution!


Meeting in Maribor

The third international project meeting of the Be Smart Seniors project was held from 12 to 13 December 2019 in Maribor. The purpose of the meeting was to review the activities so far and to prepare for the further tasks of the project in the next year.

Maribor meeting

First dissemination event

We have successfully organized the first dissemination event of the Be Smart Seniors project in Budapest, where, despite the summer heat, nearly 30 participants were interested in the results and goals of the project. Our guests were representatives of adult educators, secondary and higher education institutions interested in the project, as well as representatives of institutions and NGOs involved in elderly care. The participants helped our work with useful advice and comments, for which we would like to express our thanks afterward. At our next event, the presentation and testing of the finished training materials will be the main theme, and we hope many will be curious again.

first dissemination event

How to teach your grandma video

The team of the University of Turku prepared the English version of the “How to teach your grandma” video guide. The purpose of this guide is to summarize in an easy-going cartoon for young people who help their elderly relatives the important information they need to keep in mind when educating an elderly adult. The video guide will also have a printed version and will be translated into the languages ​​of all participating countries.

Tips For Teaching Technology To Seniors