ICT as a mean of integration

Modern ICT devices and online services can help to prevent or defer the above-detailed difficulties. Today’s Internet-based services can help to stay in touch with friends and relatives, can provide health preserving services, can give platforms to share memories, hobbies, and knowledge.

With our project, we would like to help elderly people to use ICT devices to help their everyday life, to raise their quality of life and to help them to prevent their personal autonomy as long as it is possible.

To reach this goal we would like to prepare a guide for younger relatives of seniors about how to teach the basics of ICT gadgets.

This intergeneration study module will give the foundations for further learning of senior persons.

We would like to develop a special web platform after an international survey and needs analysis to host the teaching materials and

to serve as a community building and knowledge sharing platform. By the development of this platform, the ergonomic and pedagogic needs of the target group are taken account.

The third result is cca. 60 video based learning materials covering common IT related issues that occure in the life of senior person (online shopping, communication, searching). About 20 videos will cover international topics with local language versions and the rest will cover local, country specific themes with local language narration.

Finally we would like to teach seniors to make their own videos with simple gadgets (4th result).